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I am a computational linguist and senior researcher at the Multilinguality and Language Technology lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. My research interests are in natural language understanding and its applications, such as question answering or semantic search. I've recently started to work more on transparent and robust language models.
In terms of transparency, I try to make their parameters and behaviour more explainable and understandable to both end users and researchers.
In terms of robustness, I try to improve language models in two dimensions: (1) data consumption, e.g. for low-resource settings or languages, by using structured data, new learning techniques, or other modalities, and (2) size, e.g. for settings where powerful hardware is not available.

In my work, I mostly use large language models that were trained with deep learning methods. I also have profound experience in data acquisition and crowdsourcing, as well as educational NLP.
I am currently leading mid-sized research projects both administratively and scientifically and am experienced with project acquisition and group management. I currently manage the MLT lab with 20+ employees and lead one of the four research groups at the lab. I have been working both in academic research and industrial research and development, especially in the automotive sector.

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